Benefits Communication Toolkits

UMB doesn’t just administer HSAs and call it a day. We recognize that when companies communicate well, good things happen:

  • Employees are more satisfied with benefit programs (and with their jobs)
  • More people enroll in high-deductible health plans with health savings accounts (and in many other health and wellness programs, too)
  • Everybody pays less in health care costs
  • CFOs are smiling because the ROI on benefits spending skyrockets
  • Employees and their families get smarter about health care services—buying AND using them
  • People get a big dose of confidence when it comes to financial decisions (and they save more, too)

That’s why we’ve invested so strongly in the most comprehensive benefits communication toolkits in the industry. They set a new standard—not only for giving individual accountholders the information they need to manage their well-being, but also giving employers the resources they need to communicate more effectively.

Launch Communications Toolkit

This kit will help you feel confident in your communication kickoff. Use the tools and templates to aid in HSA marketing, build a comprehensive HSA benefits communication strategy, roll out your high-deductible plan with health savings account and support your annual enrollment.

Ongoing Communication Toolkit

This kit provides tools and templates to promote your benefits programs so you keep talking to your employees and their families all year round. Your will be thrilled when you see how easy—and cost-effective—it is to keep the communication going.

Get the Toolkits Now!

If you’re a UMB customer, call 855.664.4160 or email to get your toolkits. Not a UMB customer? Give us a call today to get started.

Additional Resources and Support

UMB Healthcare Services clients also have access to these helpful resources from our partner Benz Communications:
  • Social Media Starter Kit—everything you need to know to start integrating social media into your benefits communications. Call 855.664.4160 or email to get this kit.
  • Monthly Benefits Content Subscription—ready-to-use benefits communication content that can be easily integrated into your existing communications channels. Each month, you’ll receive two articles and six tweets on a variety of benefits topics. UMB Healthcare Services clients and business partners can save $300 off the first six-month subscription. Your UMB sales rep can provide you with the coupon code to use when you purchase the subscription.
Benefits managers love our communication toolkits because it makes moving to high-deductible health plans seamless and pain-free. From first announcement to year-round communications, these free toolkits come with top-notch planning tools and advice and dozens of ready-to-use templates

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How to Use ReceiptVault

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HSA FAQ Resource

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