Other Considerations

Your HSA at UMB Bank, n.a. is subject to the terms of the UMB Bank, n.a. Health Savings Account Custodial Agreement. Your HSA Deposit Account at UMB Bank, n.a. is governed by the terms of the Health Savings Account Deposit Account Terms and Conditions. Both of those documents are part of this enrollment package.

If collected funds in the Deposit Account exceed an amount (a “Peg Balance”) that we establish from time to time, other investment options may be available. The particular investment options, the applicable Peg Balance for each such investment, a general description of investment options, how you may select those investments, HSA account rules, and other important disclosures are available by calling 866.293.9605.


UMB HSA Saver is a unique investment platform designed with ease in mind. Account holders can easily research, buy and sell funds with a couple clicks.

How to Use ReceiptVault

You’ll hear from HSA experts who will cover key topics that your clients and other HSA account holders probably don’t understand and discuss several lesser-known strategies to help them take their HSA game to the next level.‡

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