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To create an HSA saver mindset, draw from the 401(k) playbook

SRHM Webinar

Longer life expectancy, less help with retirement funding and economic and global circumstances are making it more difficult for people to retire. By some estimates, just to cover their cost of health care in retirement, an average couple may need $300,000—after taxes. The good news is that employers are uniquely positioned to help employees use their HSAs to fuel their retirement savings. In this program, Brian M. Hutchin from UMB Healthcare Services will describe how, by borrowing a page from the 401(k) playbook, companies can shift their workforce to a saver mentality and build a culture in which long-term financial wellness is a priority for everyone.

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Today’s Political Landscape & the Powerful Possibilities of HSAs

Benefits Pro Webinar

The possibilities for expanded use of HSAs could change the industry and the lives of account holders. Whether decoupling them from high deductible plans or expanding what can be purchased - flexibility could make HSAs more meaningful for more people. Many companies within the industry are working with the HSA Council to advocate for change, though the present legislative balance has prevented any major changes from occurring.

Join this webcast to gain timely insight to make informed decisions and provide consulting for clients and their HSA programs. Topics discussed will include:

  • How the current political landscape relates to HSAs and what you can expect from the new administration going forward
  • Communicating the value in HSAs to prevent further negative legislative impact to the industry
  • How you could eventually offer more HSA plans to clients and allow for more flexibility
  • And more...

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Creating Financial Wellness Programs in a Post-Pandemic World

COVID-19 has created not just one, but two global pandemics. People are dealing with the most significant public health concern of their lifetime and a related crisis of confidence that must be acknowledged and addressed.

Millions of workers of every age and career stage are worried about their financial futures. Financial stress—aggravated by COVID-19—is currently the leading cause of lost productivity, unplanned absences and low job performance among workers. Offering a comprehensive financial wellness package with the right mix of benefits can support employees’ emotional and physical health, thereby alleviating anxiety and driving productivity. How do organizations appeal to—and engage—five generations of workers? And how do you ensure that your benefit choices will be meaningful and smart, not just for now but over the long term?

We’ll look at why financial wellness programs that feature high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) with health savings accounts (HSAs) make strategic and fiscal sense in a post-pandemic landscape, including:

• Tips for building a holistic wellness package that includes a mix of high-touch features such as access to a financial adviser and low-touch offerings such as savings incentives;
• How promoting financial literacy and offering financial wellness programs can help employers realize return on investment (ROI); and
• Why HDHPs with HSAs offer valuable benefits for workers at every age and career stage, from Generation X on up.

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Effects of COVID on health insurance

In times of ambiguity, people need answers, options and flexible financial solutions. As a trusted consulting partner, you can help your clients effectively respond to their employees’ concerns by guiding them toward benefit solutions that can save them money and, at the same time, help them win with their workforce.

On Wednesday, July 22, industry experts Kyle Hays, senior vice president and practice lead at Aon Health Solutions, Kelly Eschweiler, senior vice president, director associate experience and rewards at UMB Financial Corporation, and Brian Hutchin, executive vice president, manager sales and strategy at UMB Healthcare Services, discussed:

• How employers are helping their people navigate their financial health during the current pandemic.
• How plan design can aid employers and employees in responding to financial uncertainty, and how it can work in their favor now.
• Why it makes sense for people to include an HSA in their long-term financial planning.
• How your HDHPs and HSAs are a winning combination for employers, their people and you.

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Retain Clients with Holistic Wealth Planning that Includes HSAs

Holistic wealth planning uncovers all areas that should be considered for successful retirement.

Recent stock market swings caused by COVID-19 illustrate that a traditional defined contribution plan is unlikely to be able to meet the long-term needs of many retirees already struggling to cover skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Enter HSAs—a smaller, yet bright star in the retirement plan universe. They are a viable option for immediate funds in an emergency as well as an important tool for long-term planning.

Tune into this recorded webinar to hear our expert panelists discuss:

  • Why HSAs are a great tool for setting aside pretax income for medical expenses. 
  • How HSAs are similar to—and different from—a traditional 401(k).
  • How HSAs can be used during an emergency.
  • Ways to maximize HSA features and benefits to create a successful and comprehensive wealth portfolio


Brian Hutchin, EVP/Manager Sales & Strategy
UMB Healthcare Services    

Larry McQuaid, Head of Sales
SS&C Retirement Solutions
Matt Clarkin, President and Co-founder
AccessPoint HSA

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Capitol Conference

February 22-24, 2021
Washington, DC and Virtual

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August 4-6,  2021

Benefits Pro Expo
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Carlsbad, CA

SHRM Annual Conference & Expo
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March 17-19, 2022
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NAHU Annual Convention
June 25-28, 2022
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ECFC 35th Annual Symposium
August 3-5, 2022
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Date and location not released

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March 16-18


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