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Retain Clients with Holistic Wealth Planning that Includes HSAs

Holistic wealth planning uncovers all areas that should be considered for successful retirement.

Recent stock market swings caused by COVID-19 illustrate that a traditional defined contribution plan is unlikely to be able to meet the long-term needs of many retirees already struggling to cover skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Enter HSAs—a smaller, yet bright star in the retirement plan universe. They are a viable option for immediate funds in an emergency as well as an important tool for long-term planning.

Tune into this recorded webinar to hear our expert panelists discuss:

  • Why HSAs are a great tool for setting aside pretax income for medical expenses. 
  • How HSAs are similar to—and different from—a traditional 401(k).
  • How HSAs can be used during an emergency.
  • Ways to maximize HSA features and benefits to create a successful and comprehensive wealth portfolio


Brian Hutchin, EVP/Manager Sales & Strategy
UMB Healthcare Services    

Larry McQuaid, Head of Sales
SS&C Retirement Solutions
Matt Clarkin, President and Co-founder
AccessPoint HSA

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