Use Your HSA

It's easy to use your Health Savings Account (HSA). With UMB, you have a variety of tools to access your funds including your HSA debit card, online bill pay and online reimbursement.

Using your HSA goes beyond paying for bills. An HSA is a great place to build up savings for expenses you have today or will have in the future. If you can afford to pay bills out of pocket and save the money in your HSA for the future, then your HSA balance will grow through interest and investment earnings. That way you’ll have more money for expenses when you need it most – whether that's a year from now or in your retirement.

Most medical expenses are covered such as:

  • Doctor visits
  • Hospital charges
  • Chiropractic
  • Prescriptions
  • Dental
  • Vision

Other eligible expenses include:

  • COBRA premiums
  • Qualified long-term care insurance premiums
  • Medicare premiums
  • Health plan coverage (if you are receiving federal or state unemployment benefits)
My Investments

UMB HSA Saver an easier way to invest in your HSA

Invest your HSA savings in UMB HSA Saver and take advantage of our easy-to-use investing platform.

How to Use ReceiptVault

Easily track and manage your healthcare receipts using ReceiptVault.

How to use your HSA

Watch how to use your HSA

Make the most of your HSA by watching this informational video.