HSA Online Access

Manage your HSA easy and securely anytime from anywhere
View your balance and transactions, print a statement, transfer funds and much more with free online banking.
  • Pay qualified medical expenses online or reimburse yourself
  • Set up recurring contributions  and reimbursements to your HSA
  • Manage HSA investments
  • Track and manage your eligible medical receipts using ReceiptVault
  • View current and prior year tax information
  • Enroll in and view e-statements online
  • Enroll in mobile banking
  • Budget management, educational tools and more


Easily track and manage your healthcare receipts all in one place.

Use ReceiptVault to securely store and organize HSA receipts for qualified medical expenses. You can even store receipts if the expense was not yet paid by the HSA to easily track unreimbursed expenditures and know the amount available for tax-free withdrawal at a later date. 

The IRS requires you to store receipts for qualified medical expenses in case you are asked to provide proof in an audit. Be sure to keep your hard copies just in case. 

Using ReceiptVault is easy!


Digital Wallet

Digital WalletAn easier way to pay for your eligible healthcare expenses

Pay for qualified medical expenses using your UMB HSA Visa® debit card from your mobile or wearable device.

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UMB calculators help you determine if an HSA eligible plan is right for you, calculate your HSA contributions, compare plan out-of-pocket costs and more.

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