HSA Indexed Amounts

Published by the U. S. Department of the Treasury





HSA Minimum Annual Deductibles


$  1,350
$  2,700

$  1,400
$  2,800

Annual Out-of-Pocket HSA Maximums


$  6,750

$  6,900

Annual Contribution Maximums


$  3,500
$  7,000

$  3,550
$  7,100

Catch-up Contribution

$  1,000

$  1,000


*The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Revenue Procedures 2018-30‡, provides the 2019 inflation-adjusted amounts for health savings accounts (HSAs).

**The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Revenue Procedures 2019-25, Buletin No. 2019-22‡, provides the 2020 inflation-adjusted amounts for HSAs.

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HSAs are available to help pay for current qualified medical expenses as well as to save for future expenses, all in a tax-exempt account.

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