Benefit Spending Accounts made easy. For you. For your employees.

With UMB at your side, you are partnering with an experienced administrator that is dedicated to helping you and your employees realize all the perks of UMB Benefit Spending Accounts.

You are also taking an active step to better control your costs, while encouraging employees to be better healthcare consumers and giving them the tools to save.

Our service sets us apart. You can count on UMB – an experienced custodian – to take good care of you, your employees and their families. Here’s how:

  • Relationship managers to help you with day-to-day questions
  • High-touch education resources and tools
  • Self-service account management options
  • Experienced service center representatives with real-time assistance
  • Support for account holders transferring assets

By choosing a UMB HSA, your employees are spending less and saving more for healthcare, while improving your bottom line.

An HSA is a great place for employees to build up savings for expenses they have today or will have in the future. If an employee is able to pay bills out of pocket and save the money in an HSA for the future, then the HSA balance will grow through interest and investment earnings. That way he or she will have more money for expenses when it’s needed most – whether that’s a year from now or in retirement.

Education and communication is key to getting employees to save. Our shared goal is to shape employees’ behavior, turning them into savvy healthcare consumers and HSA savers. We do that by providing you toolkits that include timelines and practical communications, written in plain English (not in legalese or actuarial-speak). Really!

You’ll receive implementation, launch and ongoing toolkits complete with best practices, planning guides, timelines and sample communication templates for the right mix of print, online and social media to use year round.

Our employer portal is an innovative tool to manage employer contributions and employees’ accounts, as well as to access detailed monthly reporting and other resources. In addition, our industry-leading data analysis gives you online access to monthly reporting, including trends and statistics.

It is easy for your employees to access their HSAs using their UMB HSA Debit card or UMB’s online reimbursement tool. Employees may withdraw funds tax-free and without penalties, as long as the money is used to cover qualified medical expenses.* Most medical expenses are covered such as:

  • Doctor visits and hospital charges
  • Prescriptions
  • Dental care
  • Vision care

* All mention of taxes is made in reference to federal tax law. Please check with your state’s tax laws to determine the tax treatment of HSA contributions, or consult your tax adviser. Neither UMB Bank n.a., its parent, subsidiaries nor affiliates are engaged in rendering tax advice. Payments and withdrawals not made for qualified medical expenses are subject to taxes and penalties. Qualified medical expenses are defined in Section 213 (d) of the Internal Revenue Code. A partial list can be found in IRS Publication 502.

Introducing UMB HSA Saver

UMB HSA Saver is a unique investment platform designed with ease in mind. Account holders can easily research, buy and sell funds with a couple clicks.

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