2020 Webinar Series

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Creating Financial Wellness Programs in a Post-Pandemic World

COVID-19 has created not just one, but two global pandemics. People are dealing with the most significant public health concern of their lifetime and a related crisis of confidence that must be acknowledged and addressed.

Millions of workers of every age and career stage are worried about their financial futures. Financial stress—aggravated by COVID-19—is currently the leading cause of lost productivity, unplanned absences and low job performance among workers. Offering a comprehensive financial wellness package with the right mix of benefits can support employees’ emotional and physical health, thereby alleviating anxiety and driving productivity. How do organizations appeal to—and engage—five generations of workers? And how do you ensure that your benefit choices will be meaningful and smart, not just for now but over the long term?

We’ll look at why financial wellness programs that feature high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) with health savings accounts (HSAs) make strategic and fiscal sense in a post-pandemic landscape, including:

• Tips for building a holistic wellness package that includes a mix of high-touch features such as access to a financial adviser and low-touch offerings such as savings incentives;
• How promoting financial literacy and offering financial wellness programs can help employers realize return on investment (ROI); and
• Why HDHPs with HSAs offer valuable benefits for workers at every age and career stage, from Generation X on up. View Webinar

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