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10 Things Everyone Should Know About their HSA (But Probably Don't)

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HSA enrollment is at an all-time high. By the end of 2017 over 22 million people were enrolled in HSAs, with assets totaling about $45 billion. But HSA savvy about how to maximize this powerful account is lagging. Many accountholders lack even basic knowledge, preventing them from getting the maximum value from their accounts. Our team of HSA experts will cover the basics that every HSA accountholder should know (but many don't), as well as several lesser-known strategies to take their HSA game to the next level.

What attendees will learn:

  • HSA Essentials: The basics that every HSA accountholder should know, including how HSAs complement other retirement accounts
  • 3 tips for taking HSAs to the next level, including tax-free spending after retirement
  • Lesser-known HSA tips and tricks, including how to make a tax-free transfer of IRA dollars to an HSA
  • How to maximize HSAs for all accountholders



Roy Ramthun "Mr. HSA," President and Founder, HSA Consulting Services
Holly Doering-Powell, VP/Director, Sales and Client Experience, UMB Healthcare Services

2018 Conferences

February 26-28
Washington, DC
NAHU Capital Conference

March 14-16
Washington, DC
ECFC Annual Conference.

April 15-17
Nashville, TN
NAPA 401K Summit-Speaking and Exhibiting

April 17-19
San Diego, CA
Benefits Pro Broker Expo

June 20-22
San Diego, CA
AHIP Institute

June 23-26
Kansas City, MO
NAHU Annual Conference-exhibiting and UMB event

August 7-9
La Jolla, CA
ECFC 31st Annual Administrators Symposium-Exhibiting

September 23-25
Austin, TX
SIIA 38th Annual National Educational Conference and Expo-Exhibiting

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Webinar Recording HSAs - 10 Facts Everyone Should Know

You’ll hear from HSA experts who will cover key topics that your clients and other HSA account holders probably don’t understand and discuss several lesser-known strategies to help them take their HSA game to the next level.‡

Take the guesswork out of HSA Administration

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