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PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management Plan)

A type of specialty service organization that seeks to contain the costs of prescription drugs or pharmaceuticals while promoting more efficient and safer drug use.

PIN Mailer

A separate mailing to the accountholder that includes the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for ATM access for his/her debit card.


See Preferred Provider Organization


An organization (i.e. employer) that pays for the healthcare expense coverage of its members.

Peg Balance

The balance that UMB requires in the Base Health Savings Account before money will be swept into the Money Market Account or be available for investment in a Self-directed Brokerage Account.

Permitted Coverage

Permitted coverage includes (whether provided through insurance or otherwise) coverage for accidents, disability, dental care, vision care or long-term care. Also known as permitted insurance.

Permitted Insurance

See Permitted Coverage

Pharmaceutical Card

See Prescription Drug Card

Pharmacy Benefit Management



A person licensed to practice medicine, normally known as a doctor.

Post-deductible FSA/ HRA

Spending accounts that only provide reimbursement after the minimum annual deductible has been satisfied under the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Post-deductible FSAs or HRAs may be combined with Health Savings Accounts depending on plan design.

Posting Date

The date a Health Savings Account (HSA) transaction is posted to the HSA.

Preferred Provider Organization

A managed care organization comprised of medical doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers who have partnered with an insurer or a third party administrator to provide health services at a discounted rate to the insurer's or administrator's clients.


Payment for insurance coverage either in a lump sum or by installments.

Prescription Drug Card

Members of Pharmacy Benefit Management Plans (PBMs) receive identification cards that provide assistance in tracking and processing pharmaceutical claims. Also known as drug cards or prescription cards.

Preventive Care

Routine healthcare services, such as routine physical examinations, immunizations, screen tests, and health wellness, which are preformed by individuals to help prevent medical conditions from occurring in the future.

Privacy Policy

A document that outlines UMB Bank's privacy policy and gives an accountholder the opportunity to “opt out” or limit disclosure of personal information.


An entity that provides healthcare services such as physicians, hospitals, group practices, nursing homes and pharmacies.

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