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Retain Clients with Holistic Wealth Planning that Includes HSAs

Recent stock market swings caused by COVID-19 illustrate that a traditional defined contribution plan is unlikely to be able to meet the long-term needs of many retirees already struggling to cover skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Enter HSAs—a smaller, yet bright star in the retirement plan universe. They are a viable option for immediate funds in an emergency as well as an important tool for long-term planning.

Our expert panelists discuss:

  • Why HSAs are a great tool for setting aside pretax income for medical expenses. 
  • How HSAs are similar to—and different from—a traditional 401(k).
  • How HSAs can be used during an emergency.
  • Ways to maximize HSA features and benefits to create a successful and comprehensive wealth portfolio.
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Effects of COVID on health insurance

In times of ambiguity, people need answers, options and flexible financial solutions. As a trusted consulting partner, you can help your clients effectively respond to their employees’ concerns by guiding them toward benefit solutions that can save them money and, at the same time, help them win with their workforce.

On Wednesday, July 22, industry experts Kyle Hays, senior vice president and practice lead at Aon Health Solutions, Kelly Eschweiler, senior vice president, director associate experience and rewards at UMB Financial Corporation, and Brian Hutchin, executive vice president, manager sales and strategy at UMB Healthcare Services, discussed:

• How employers are helping their people navigate their financial health during the current pandemic.
• How plan design can aid employers and employees in responding to financial uncertainty, and how it can work in their favor now.
• Why it makes sense for people to include an HSA in their long-term financial planning.
• How your HDHPs and HSAs are a winning combination for employers, their people and you.

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Overcoming Financial Fragility: FSAs, HSAs and emergency savings for today’s world

Sponsored by Businessolver

Organizations want to take care of their employees, especially during challenging times.

But for many Americans, preparing for the unexpected and planning ahead for certain expenses can be overwhelming. Most are focused solely on present-day financial needs.

Now more than ever, HR teams understand the importance of encouraging their employees to maximize their flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), emergency savings and other consumer-directed accounts. The question is, “How?”

Watch our webinar to get best practices from industry experts for today and the months ahead. They’ll answer your questions and help you craft a holistic engagement strategy that includes:

Tips for your COVID-19 response

Incentives to maximize employee contributions

Employee-friendly technology and communication tools

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Helping Employers Reduce Health Care Costs

BenefitsPro Webcast sponsored by UMB

September 10, 2019

Our expert panelists weighed in on recent and pending healthcare legislation as well as steps employers can take (and brokers can recommend to their clients) to reduce the financial burden of health care costs on their companies and employees. What attendees will learn:
What’s driving health care spending;
How to use insights from health and HSA participation data to decrease the rate of health care spending an inform plan designs; 
How uniform quality measures can drive cost trends down and improve outcomes;
Recommendations made to the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) Committee and other legislative bodies to lift the burden of health care expenses on individuals; and
The role health savings accounts play in helping individuals save for and manage health care costs
Ilyse Schuman, Senior Counsel for Health Policy, American Benefits Council

Matt Richardson, SVP, Sales Manager, UMB Healthcare Services

Getting the Most Out of Retirement Plan Solutions


In the universe of retirement options, there are a lot of bright stars—401(k)s, IRAs, Roth 401(k)s, and more. And while each of these plans offers its own distinct advantages, shining among them in the retirement stratosphere is the often-overlooked HSA (health savings account). HSAs have gained tremendous popularity thanks to their ability to create peace of mind today, while generating income for the future.

Our expert panelists—Matt Clarkin, President and Co-founder of Access Point HSA and Matt Richardson, SVP, Sales Manager at UMB Healthcare Services—will discuss how HSAs complement the range of other retirement plans and what to look for in an HSA custodian partner. Join us as we discuss:

What’s fueling the rising tide of HSA adoption.
How HSAs stack up against other retirement savings options.
The role and opportunity for both financial advisors and plan sponsors to implement HSAs as part of a well-rounded offering.

Matt Clarkin, President, AccessPoint HSA

Matt Richardson, SVP/Sales Manager, UMB Healthcare Services

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Smart Retirement Investing for Everyone

Hosted by National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA)

We have more options for tax-deferred and preferred retirement saving than ever. But how do you prioritize how to save and when? And how do individual circumstances influence saving strategies?

Get the low down on the pros and cons of the most common retirement plan vehicles from our expert panelists Kevin Murphy, SVP at Franklin Templeton and Jamie Greenleaf, lead advisor and principal at Cafaro Greenleaf, who will discuss an individualized approach to maximizing the benefits of each type of plan, the importance of HSAs in long-term savings, and the role and opportunity for financial advisors.

What attendees will learn:

  • Understand the pros and cons of the most common retirement plan vehicles
  • Prioritize savings among various tax-deferred saving options 
  • Maximize the benefits of tax-deferred savings options, including HSAs


Kevin Murphy, SVP/Defined Contribution Strategic Accounts, Franklin Templeton
Jamie Greenleaf, Lead Advisor, Principal, Cafaro Greenleaf
Matt Richardson, SVP/Sales Manager, UMB Healthcare Services

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10 Things Everyone Should Know About their HSA (But Probably Don't)

Hosted by BenefitsPRO

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HSA enrollment is at an all-time high. By the end of 2017 over 22 million people were enrolled in HSAs, with assets totaling about $45 billion. But HSA savvy about how to maximize this powerful account is lagging. Many accountholders lack even basic knowledge, preventing them from getting the maximum value from their accounts. Our team of HSA experts will cover the basics that every HSA accountholder should know (but many don't), as well as several lesser-known strategies to take their HSA game to the next level.

What attendees will learn:

  • HSA Essentials: The basics that every HSA accountholder should know, including how HSAs complement other retirement accounts
  • 3 tips for taking HSAs to the next level, including tax-free spending after retirement
  • Lesser-known HSA tips and tricks, including how to make a tax-free transfer of IRA dollars to an HSA
  • How to maximize HSAs for all accountholders


Roy Ramthun "Mr. HSA," President and Founder, HSA Consulting Services
Holly Doering-Powell, VP/Director, Sales and Client Experience, UMB Healthcare Services

HSAs and HDHPs: Here to Stay?

June 27, 2018 
Hosted by AHIP

A recent AHIP report reveals a upward trajectory in HDHP/HSA enrollment. Between 2016 and 2017, HSA/HDHP enrollment increased a staggering 9.2%! But other reports indicate that enrollment has stalled. Our health plan experts discussed the keys to the phenomenal growth of these plans and tips to keep the enrollment momentum going. 

Access the webinar to learn:

  • Is the rapid increase in HDHP/HSA growth stalling?
  • Key insights into who’s enrolling in HSA-compatible plans, who’s saving their HSA dollars, who’s spending, and why
  • Tactics to increase HDHP/HSA enrollment and retention


Holly Doering-Powell, Vice National Sales Director
UMB Healthcare Services
Paul Fronstin, Ph.D., Director Health Research & Education Program
Employee Benefit Research Institute 

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Tailoring Financial Wellness Strategies by Age, Stage, and Gender

April 25, 2018
Hosted by NAPA

Making the right financial decisions at the right time is important. The challenges and opportunities for different ages, stages, and gender vary. View this complimentary webcast to find out how to:

  • Help clients with financial success at every age and stage
  • Differentiate the unique financial challenges for men and women
  • Target and engage audiences based on their individual needs


  • Cindy Hounsell, President, Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) 
  • Ben Morris, President, UMB Healthcare Services 
  • Kevin Murphy, Senior Vice President & National Retirement Plan Strategist, Franklin Templeton 
  • Steve Wendell, Head of Behavioral Science, Morningstar 
  • Megan Yost, Engagement Strategist, Benz Communication 
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The Truth About HSAs and Retirement

September 20, 2017
Hosted by BenefitsPRO

When is a medical plan also a savings plan? When it's a high deductible plan paired with a health savings account (HSA).

The continued adoption of high deductible plans has created a steady increase in HSA ownership over the past decade. And while many HSA accountholders are enjoying the advantages of a tax-free way to pay for today's health care expenses, only a small minority are benefitting from the real power of HSAs-funding future health care needs in retirement.

Hear why more and more financial advisors are calling HSAs "the new 401(k) or IRA." And how HSAs are creating fresh opportunities for brokers and financial advisors to help their clients' employees take control of health care spending and retirement planning.

This lively webinar will explore the key role HSAs play in creating financial security, specifically:

  • How HSAs are shrinking the widening retirement income gap.
  • Avoid taxes like a millionaire-on any salary.
  • Investing for growth.
  • Engaging employees in saving for the future.


  • Matt Richardson, Vice President, UMB Healthcare Services
  • Matt Clarkin, President, Access Point HSA
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Repeal and replace didn’t happen. Now what?

Despite what may happen in the future with the ACA repeal/replacement, businesses of all sizes have real problems to solve today. The cost of delivering health care keeps climbing, and not enough employees are engaged with your programs to reverse this trend. Industry experts shared insider tips for solving today’s critical health care issues. They weighed in with opinion and insight on:

  • Learning to (succeed in) limbo
  • Pulling all the benefit levers to reduce cost trends and improve outcomes
  • What’s next with the DOL fiduciary rule?

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Breathing New Life into Financial Wellness

With over three quarters of workers living paycheck-to-paycheck, the struggle for financial wellness is real. And, it’s not just lower-paid staff feeling the pressure. Fortunately, employers are in a great position to help alleviate employees’ financial pressures because they can provide access to solutions in an efficient, affordable way. Help your employer groups tackle this challenging topic with fresh ideas and perspective. During this one-hour webinar, you’ll hear from a panel of experts about:

  • Why financial wellness matters.
  • A prescription for getting employees on track.
  • Health savings accounts: the unsung hero of financial wellness.
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Real world insight and techniques to boost your health savings account enrollment and engagement

The average couple is going to need an estimated $300,000 in retirement just for medical expenses. While many employers are adding an assortment of financial wellness resources to help employees meet their future financial needs, one of the most powerful tools—health savings accounts (HSAs)—is already available to many employees. But before employees can cash in on the benefits of HSAs, they have to enroll in a high deductible medical plan and use it effectively. Hear how technology leader, Garmin, is helping its employees meet their current needs and power their future finances with their HSA. This brisk and dynamic one-hour webinar will unlock the secrets to employee HSA engagement, specifically:

  • The role and power of HSAs in building long-term wealth
  • The techniques employed by Garmin to engage their employees, and the results they achieved
  • Tools to help you take your HSA engagement to the next level.

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An Insider's Guide on the Value of HSAs

Health Savings Accounts are one of the most cost-effective plan features in the world of employee benefits. What value do HSAs provide for brokers, agents, consultants, payers, technology companies, and of course, employers and employees?

Find out during this fast-paced and engaging webinar. Led by experts from UMB Healthcare Services and Todd Berkley, author of the "HSA Owner's Manual," the session will take a closer look at the "who, what, when, why and how" of HSAs, including:

  • What strategies hold the keys to success.
  • What are the "must haves".
  • How to target employees to achieve high engagement.
  • Why it's wise to combine health and retirement messaging.
  • When participants can and should begin investing their accounts.
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Introducing UMB HSA Saver

UMB HSA Saver is a unique investment platform designed with ease in mind. Account holders can easily research, buy and sell funds with a couple clicks.

How to Use ReceiptVault

Easily track and manage your healthcare receipts using ReceiptVault.

HSA FAQ Resource

Find answers to your most common HSA questions in our comprehensive HSA FAQs section.