UMB Business Partner Portal

The UMB Business Partner Portal was designed just for you. The portal is the first of its kind to provide easy and secure detailed access to your clients’ UMB HSA plans, including:

  • Plan information
  • Implementation status
  • Enrollments
  • Employee rosters 
  • Account status

HSAWorks® — Reporting and Analytics Tools

Within the portal you will also have access to HSAWorks—the most comprehensive reporting and analytics tools in the industry. HSAWorks’ detailed reporting empowers you to identify and analyze trends for your clients.

Many of our reports are perfect for your clients’ auditing and compliance purposes. But the real power of this data is in discovering trends, such as overall involvement, investment averages, employee contribution vs. distribution and more. Most importantly clients have the ability to identify their population of spenders vs. savers.

It’s More Than Numbers and Graphs

UMB’s HSAWorks provides aggregated data that not only looks at employee activity and numbers month-to-month, but also provides a view of the lifetime activity of the account which allows a better understanding of habits and any existing trends. By better understanding these trends, your clients’ can react to and influence employee health decisions leading to improved wellness and cost containment.

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Introducing UMB HSA Saver

UMB HSA Saver is a unique investment platform designed with ease in mind. Account holders can easily research, buy and sell funds with a couple clicks.

How to Use ReceiptVault

Easily track and manage your healthcare receipts using ReceiptVault.

HSA FAQ Resource

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