UMB Healthcare Services’ CEO & leadership team hold roles in a variety of national organizations including the American Bankers Association’s HSA Council, America’s Health Insurance Plans’ HSA Council and the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation Board of Directors.

Executive Leadership
Dennis Triplett
Chairman,UMB Healthcare Services

Dennis Triplett is Chairman of Healthcare Services (HCS). Over the past 11 years, Dennis has led the growth of HCS to more than $1 billion in deposits and more than 600,000 accounts. Dennis has responsibility providing strategic direction and insights to the leadership team.

He developed the Bank’s Medical Savings Account product in the late 90s and grew that into their multipurpose card product supporting a variety of spending accounts including HSAs, FSAs and HRAs.

He developed the Bank’s Medical Savings Account product in the late 90s and grew that into their multipurpose card product supporting a variety of spending accounts including HSAs, FSAs and HRAs.

Begonya Klumb
Chief Executive Officer,UMB Healthcare Services

Begonya Klumb is CEO of UMB Healthcare Services. Begonya brings 20 years of financial industry acumen, leadership and strong M&A experience to the role.

In her 12 years at UMB, she has proven herself in a series of senior positions including Director of Corporate Strategy & Development, Director of Investor Relations, Director of Mergers and Acquisitions, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, and her most recent role as Chief Strategy Officer.

Over the last few years Begonya has helped manage more than 20 acquisitions for UMBFC. In addition, Begonya managed our capital raise of $231 million in 2013.

Ben Morris
President,UMB Healthcare Services

Ben Morris is President of UMB Healthcare Services. He has been with UMB for 16 years and part of the HCS leadership team for the past 12 years.

Ben has been instrumental in helping to grow the HCS business to more than $1 billion in deposits and more than 600,000 accounts, along with over 4.2 million multi-purpose benefit cards. In addition, he also helped to launch other healthcare products such as payer to provider virtual cards and the health claims portal, HealthPay View.

Ben is known as a thought leader throughout the country on a range of topics related to healthcare financial products and services and healthcare reform.

Linda Brockman
Senior Vice President,Manager Card Strategy

Linda Brockman is a Senior Vice President, Manager of Card Strategy, at UMB Healthcare Services. She is responsible for the Bank’s healthcare card operations team including debit card issuance for Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangements. Linda also has responsibility for working with the Card Associations—Visa®, MasterCard® and the STAR® PIN network.

She has over 33 years experience in the banking industry. Linda has been with UMB Bank since 1980 and has managed the card services customer service, settlement, security and project management departments.

Matt Coffelt
Senior Vice President,Chief Information Officer

Matt Coffelt is Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of UMB Healthcare Services. Matt is responsible for the technical direction and leadership within the HCS technical team. Matt specializes in bringing technical innovation, successful outcomes, process improvements to our application and technical portfolio. Prior to joining UMB in July 2014, Matt’s background included supporting healthcare product and service delivery solutions for technology, healthcare, and financial organizations.

Jeff Costello
Senior Vice President,Director Operations

Jeff Costello is Senior Vice President, Director of Operations for UMB Healthcare Services. Jeff provides strategic leadership through ensuring UMB Healthcare Services (HCS) has the proper operational controls, procedures, people and systems in place to effectively grow the organization. He ensures operating efficiency and excellent customer service delivery, while fostering a continuous improvement culture across all HCS areas.

Jeff has previously served in a number of roles for UMB Healthcare Services including Director of Risk and Compliance, Client Experience Manager and Senior Business Development Representative. Jeff has spent his career building strong relationships with partners, working to deliver solutions to address a client’s unique need. He also identifies and champions improvements to internal processes. Jeff has been with UMB since 2006.

Duane Fischer
Senior Vice President,HSA Implementation

Duane Fischer is Senior Vice President, HSA Implementation of UMB Healthcare Services. He is responsible for implementation services to integrate new partners, including post-implementation daily operational processes.

Duane has more than 25 years of experience with UMB.

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